The Fired Up Sisters have organized a special deal on authentic Tempurpedic mattresses. The deal is extremely good, but there are limitations so please be aware of them before you commit.

  • The mattresses are free, but you do have to pay the shipping as follows: King: $250 Queen: $200 Full: $150 Twin: $100
  • When the mattresses are shipped they will be delivered to a warehouse in Rancho Bernardo (North of San Diego). It will be your responsibility to pick them up.
  • A shipment is 80 mattresses so we must find a home for that many before an order can be placed.
  • Checks are the preferred method of payment. They would be made out to "Fired up Sisters".
  • The mattresses are not used but they may be a return. Most are stock rotation and model changes.
  • We have received three shipments over the last five years and all of them have been in good condition.
  • In the past the mattresses have been delivered without the terrycloth cover generally associated with the Tempurpedic brand as to discourage misuse of the program.
  • They are as-is and not returnable or subject to the standard Tempurpedic warranty.
  • Even though there are several Tempurpedic models available on their website, there has been no discernible differences in the mattresses in past deliveries and the type of mattresses delivered is not guaranteed.
  • Payment is not required until 80 reservations have been made.

There is no guarantee that they will have enough demand to fill an entire order of 80 mattresses. At this point they have 50 reservations, so when they get to the 80 mattress minimum they can place the order. There is no guarantee of the delivery date. They waited a long time for the last delivery, but if you want a Tempurpedic mattress the deal is worth the wait! 

If you decide you want a mattress just email Joann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let her know what you want!

For more information about the Fired Up Sisters, please check out their website at 


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